How Can I Get Rid of My Headache Quickly

Who has time for a headache, especially when you’re at work or trying to enjoy time with the family? If a headache comes on, you want to know how to get rid of! Luckily, with a little planning and some of our great tips, you will be ready to handle most headaches quickly:

Drink water.

Oftentimes, a headache is the first sign of dehydration. Maybe you’ve had too much caffeine or had too much alcohol the night before. If you work outside in the heat or have been so busy you haven’t taken time to drink water throughout the day, dehydration may be what’s causing your headache. The body needs water to function properly and is constantly losing water through breath, sweat and urination. It’s up to us to replenish our fluid supply each day. If you feel a headache developing, drink a glass or two of water and see if the pain goes away.

Take off your hat or loosen your ponytail.

Sometimes we cause our own headaches without even realizing it. Wearing a hat that’s too tight or having hair pulled back tightly can cause headache pain. Headache relief can often come from simply removing the hat or loosening the hairstyle. Take a few moments to relax and massage pain points on your head before you get back to work.

Switch to different lighting.

Light that’s too dim, too bright or flickering can give you a headache. If you’re inside and can move away from fluorescent lighting or move to a better lit area with natural lighting, that’s ideal. If you’re outside in the sun, sometimes the consistent brightness of the sun can cause a headache and heat can make that worse. Go find some shade or go inside for a little while and see if that does the trick. Then, go back outside with sunglasses on and try to work in a more sheltered area, if possible. If you’re working on a computer in a dark room or trying to read in dim lighting, turn on another light or move to an area that is brighter. Sometimes we don’t even realize we need more light until we find ourselves squinting and moving closer to what we are trying to read and feel the very beginnings of headache pain coming on.

Find a quiet place and breathe.

Stress and tension can cause headaches too. Luckily, we carry a solution with us everywhere we go—our breath. If you feel tense and think your headache might be caused by stress, find a quiet place—it can be outside under a tree, in your car in a parking lot, in a room with no one else in it, or simply at your desk, if it’s quiet enough. Find a comfortable position to sit in and focus on relaxing with each breath. Breathe slowly, deeply and in a consistent rhythm in a way you find comfortable and relaxing. Taking breaks like this throughout the day can help prevent headaches too.

Choose a powder pain reliever.

You can see from the tips above that you don’t always have to take medicine for a headache, but when you do, BCÒ Powder is here for you. One of the things you may not realize is the reason so many families have used BCÒ Powder for generations is that it was designed for quick pain relief. Our powder formula is absorbed quickly—just pour powder on the back of your tongue and, as it dissolves, drink some water to chase it down. Get fast-acting pain relief by taking BC® Original or BC® Cherry as directed. They come in convenient, on-the-go, sealed stick packs you can keep handy at your workstation or in your pocket, purse, backpack or briefcase for whenever you need headache relief.

Since a severe headache can be serious, be sure to seek immediate medical attention if you feel sudden, intense headache pain that you have never felt before.