5 Easy Ways to Prevent Back Pain

Back pain affects almost everyone at some point in their life. The good news is that most back pain can be prevented.

We have 5 quick tips for you to help eliminate the everyday habits that contribute to back pain.

1. Pay attention to your posture.

Whether you work at a desk or on your feet, the way we sit, stand, move and lift is important. As the day rolls along it’s easy to lose focus on our posture, but the price we pay for doing so is pain, mostly lower back pain. Maintaining a tall posture, taking breaks and stretching when you’re sitting or on your feet all day can help. If you can’t take a break, try and switch tasks so you can work in a different position and refocus on your form.

2. Ditch the tall heels and fat wallets.

Women who wear heels 3 inches or higher are likely to suffer back pain. Instead, find shoes that are a bit lower or have no heel. Men who carry wallets in their back pocket should be sure to clean out receipts regularly and carry only the cash and cards you need. A wallet that is even a quarter-inch thick can alter the way you sit and move, causing strain on back muscles.

3. Lift with good form.

Lift heavy objects by bending your knees and keeping your back straight. Proper form is essential to prevent back pain and injury. Even quickly bending at the waist to grab a set of keys that fell on the floor could cause a sudden back strain or worse. If something is too heavy, get help—either get another person or use a dolly to help transport a package that’s too heavy to carry easily.

4.  Dump extra weight from your bag.

Whether you use a briefcase, purse, duffel bag or backpack regularly, one thing holds true for all bags—don’t carry more weight than the bag is built to hold. Weight in a bag you use every day can add up quickly. Be sure to empty it out at the end of each day, taking away things you won’t need for the next day. Switch arms when carrying your bag, or use a cross-body strap and shift it to either side periodically. While backpacks do distribute weight evenly, carrying too much weight can cause back pain.

5. Exercise regularly.

Regular movement helps blood flow and helps keep your muscles healthy. Even walking around your neighborhood daily can help. Do strengthening exercises that target your core muscles in your abdomen and back. You don’t need a gym or much time, but it may help to have a professional trainer recommend the right exercises for you and show you how to do those exercises correctly.

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